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Our Email Marketing 10 major advantages:

1) No need to sign contract, once charges.

2) The customer without having to learn complex systems and settings, all by us do it for you.

3) The company has a large number of active and effective parties in Hong Kong SMEs and email data.

4) Provide a detailed report including the successful eDM send quantity, time, date, and so on.

5) The companies, especially with a new system, and trace the transmission mode, to avoid falling into the junk mail filtering, and ISP.

6) Almost combined environmentally friendly, cost effective and practical for the effective promotion.

7) We publish in accordance with the guidelines of the Telecommunications Authority (OFCA) e-mail.

8) Are not Internet Service Provider (ISP) to block network / SMTP and so on.

9) We have sent expert to monitor the progress.

10) We in service to provide you with the most time-saving, convenient and efficient service.



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